Washer Repair

Washing Machine Repair Service

What to do if your washer stopped working

You may want to check the following with your malfunctioning washer

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  • Your washing machine may have lost power
  • Your washing machine Programming Module broke
  • Washing machine water hose got disconnected from the main or washer itself

My washer does not start

  • Check if the washer power cord is plugged in
  • Check if the water hose connected

My washer vibrates too much

  • The washing machine is not properly balanced
  • The load has a bulky item and it causes a disbalance
  • The drum broke
  • The axis is bent

My washer doesn’t drain water

  • The pump might have broken
  • Electric motor that drive the pump might have broken

My washer cycles are not working

  • This happens when the programming module breaks
  • It may also happen when washing machine, for some reason, loses power

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