Common dryer problems

Common Dryer Problems. Dryer  Repair Jacksonville

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Top Dryer Problems and Remedies

Dryer makes strange noise and vibrates

Likely Problem: Dryer drum seal has worn out or got decoupled because of dryer overload, debris or other objects (like keys, toys or coins).

Fix: The dryer drum seal needs to be replaced.

Dryer problem – never heats up

Likely cause: frequent overloads, blocked vent, or clogged lint trap / screen.

Fix: Clean the dryer or replace the thermal fuse.

Dryer does not run at all

Likely because of broken thermal fuse as a result of improper loads and clogging.

Fix: The thermal fuse needs to be replaced.

Dryer runs cold and clothes don’t come out dry

Likely cause: broken heating element. Heating element fails it overheats often.

Fix: The failed heating element needs to be replaced.

Dryer starts but quickly shuts down by itself.

Likely problem is a thermostat failure.

Fix: The dryer thermostat replacement should be replaced.

Dryer runs very hot, but clothes are damp

Like problem – lint trap and or vent or duct is clogged.

Fix: Clean Lint trap, vent and duct.

Help your dryer work better and serve longer.

Avoid these:

  1. Overloading – oversized loads take longer to dry and may cause excessive dryer wear.
  2. Letting the lint trap and the vent get clogged.

Do these maintenance tasks to avoid dryer problems:

  • Empty the lint trap after each job.
  • Give lint trap/screen a thorough cleaning after every 50 loads by washing it with soapy water and rinsing well.
  • Clean the dryer vent after 100 loads.

Whether your dryer is making strange noise, fails to dry clothes, or doesn’t heat up properly, contact ALANSY experts to diagnose the dryer problems and resolve them.